Citadel of Bicol Culture

Canaman has preserved its customs and beliefs which reflect the culture and identity of Bicolano people. Held from the third to eleventh day of May is the Lagaylay, a tradition which began over a century ago.

A Christian Community Since 1583

Canaman has been in existence as a thriving Christian community for 431 years. It is among the earliest pueblo in Bicol. Its first concrete church was constructed in the late 1590s.

Home of Standard Bikol Language

Jesuit anthropologist Frank Lynch noted that taga-Canaman takes pride of the standard variety of Bikol language they speak. DZRB, the first radio station in Bicol, promoted the use of Bikol in the 1960s.

Birthplace of Tangcong Vaca Guerilla Unit

One of the least known local fighting forces against the Japanese, TVGU was founded by Elias Madrid on March 8, 1942. Major Juan Q. Miranda led the liberation of the capital of Camarines Sur in 1945.

Turf of Bicol River Hot Paddlers

Composed of ordinary fisherfolks residing along the Bicol river, rowers of Bicol River Hot Paddlers were the pioneering members of CamSur Dragon Boat Team which brought honors to the province. (

It's Real Fan in Canaman

The taga-Canaman have valued the uses and cultural significance of the National Leaf. Macario Adolfo and Victoria Bobis introduced abaniko fan making in 1950s. Native handicrafts are the official OTOP of the town.

House of Pili

J. Emmanuel Pastries is Bicol’s top exporter of quality pili nut delicacies. Experience Bicolano hospitality and discover only the best pasalubong finds at its finest at the House of Pili in RJ Village.

News & Events

June 27, 2014 0 Comments 74 Hits
LGU attends CRA Facilitators Training Workshop
Office heads and employees headed by municipal mayor Emmanuel S. Requejo attended the Community Risk Assessments (CRA) Facilitators Training Workshop on June 26, 2014 at Pechelitos Resort in Magarao, Camarines...
June 23, 2014 3 Comments 343 Hits
Bikol press receives Juan Q Miranda Award
VCA Cecilio Printing Press was awarded the highest mayoral award by the City Government of Naga during its 66th charter anniversary. The Juan Q. Miranda Award is the highest recognition and is named after the Father of Naga City. A cultural and historical icon, Cecilio Printing Press is being recognized for its...
June 17, 2014 2 Comments 331 Hits
Hot Paddlers upset CSur team in Mercedes
Bicol River Hot Paddlers stole scene at the 1st Mercedes National Dragon Boat Competition, upsetting the provincial government-sponsored Buhi CAMSUR team. In the much awaited finals of 200m Open Small Boat race, the Hot Paddlers clocked 57.58 seconds and took the second top honors in a battle against seasoned Lake Buhi...